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Phonics and Spelling Training Menu  

We offer phonics and spelling (spelllonics) teacher training, leadership development, 1:1 planning support, team teaching and demonstration lessons. 

*Accelerate Year 1 Phonic and Year 6 Spelling results *Quality training & Bespoke support   

*Resources to accelerate progress included.


Sharing the success from my own class teaching, with a 100% pass rate we can all crack the year one test while accelerating reading results.


Available to run at your school to suit your needs:


Option 1 Advanced Phonics Training (3 hours OR 2 staff meetings)

Audience: Experienced teachers aiming for consistency and cohesion

  • Visible progress in a session and over time.
  • High impact teaching & learning strategies.
  • Bank of progressive activities for school cohesion.
  • How to ‘crack’ the Year One Phonic Test.
  • ‘Hooks for learning’ to maximise, engage and inspire!

Also available.....

  • Application phonics toolkit.
  • Dictation for grammar links.
  • Guided Reading
  • See it in Action! Demonstration Guided Reading and the phonics toolkit.


Option 1 Key Stage Two Spelling Training ‘Spellonics’

(3 hours OR 2 staff meetings)

Audience: All levels (which can be adjusted to suit needs)

  • How do children learn to spell? Super spelling strategies.
  • Progressive spelling activities to inspire, engage and boost spelling skills.
  • Year 3 and 6 spelling scheme of work, including planning and full resources.
  • Learning hooks and rhymes to captivate and make it simple!


Also available......

  • What can a good lesson look like?
  • Investigation and grammar links!
  • Spelling passport and toolkit for learning the new common exception words.
  • Speedy subject knowledge to simplify the rules/patterns!


Option 2       Keeping on Track for the Year One Test   Accelerate results and further up-skill staff through....

  • Demonstration lesson with follow-up lesson evaluation and resources to repeat, master and cascade in school.
  • Coaching or team teach session.


Option 3         Planning for progression and application

  • 1:1 or small group phonics or spelling planning session.


Option 4        Leadership work

  • Literacy Leadership enhancement learning walk, action planning and Spellonics provision audit.


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