Thompson Teaching Tools Spellonics
Thompson Teaching Tools Spellonics

Janet Thompson

Primary Literacy Phonics and Spelling Consultancy

 (Northamptonshire based)

Offering high quality bespoke Literacy and Phonic/Spelling professional development opportunities. Shifting teaching good to outstanding, raising attainment in reading and writing, whole school improvement plus much more! 

Sharing the success from my own class teaching, with a 100% pass rate we can all crack the year one test while accelerating reading results.


Janet Thompson is a teacher. She has just ‘stepped out of the classroom’ after successfully teaching and leading Key Stage One in a challenging Primary School (2012). 

Therefore Janet offers practical, high level skills and expertise alongside current teaching practice that can be taken straight into the classroom for immediate impact! 


As a Primary Advanced Skills Teacher and as a Consultant, Janet has a proven track record of outstanding teaching, value added and whole school improvement. All schools make great strides as a direct result of Janet's work!


Thompson Teaching Tools effectively delivers a range of high quality, inspirational phonic and spelling courses alongside intensive whole literacy school improvement, coaching or one-one support, Teaching Assistant, NQT training and leadership enhancement.


Not only do we offer practical, engaging, invaluable support and resources we specialise in high level teaching and planning approaches to shift teaching from good to outstanding and in particular bridging Key Stage One phonics into spelling.


Why Spellonics? Phonics and Spelling are one of the same, intrinsically linked so hence Spellonics! Phonics is primarily about early reading advancing into spelling so Spellonics!

Ultimately we support schools  to deliver a creative phonic and spelling.. 'spellonics' curriculum that has rigour but excites and engages to secure outstanding progress. 

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